Lift Systems

Replacing carpet in an existing space can be daunting, but with Cherry Carpet it doesn't have to be!

Moving furniture and all of the other office equipment is time consuming and equates to a virtual office shutdown. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Cherry Carpet has the lift systems to make your facility flooring renovation fast and efficient while keeping your employee downtime to a minimum.

Furniture Lift Technology

For carpet replacement in occupied work environments, our lift technology is an efficient and economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture. Our trained technicians simply lift the furniture off the floor with a hand-controlled jacking system, without disconnecting existing data or electrical wires that reside within the furniture panels, or total break down of furniture systems. Next, our technicians can easily remove and reclaim the old floorcovering and install the new flooring. This process minimizes interruption and results in saving up to 40% of the costs of conventional installation.

We have specialized lift equipment for office furniture depending on your requirements. Our workers are trained and experienced in lifting systems furniture for the removal and replacement of carpeting throughout your facility. This work can be completed while you are closed, so the disruption is minimal.

New flooring incrementally replaces the old, creating a refurbished work area or office with no down time. Additionally we work with a local furniture company, which will supply boxes and assist with the logistics of moving or removing furniture and equipment during a renovation. Cherry Carpet can replace existing flooring with new carpet tile throughout at a fraction of the expense, and time when compared to a complete tear down.