Meet Our Team

Glenda McConnell

Retail Manager

Years of Experience at CC&F:I started with Cherry Carpet & Flooring in 2015

Years of Experience in Flooring Industry: 23 years

Where did you grow up and why are you in Hampton Roads? I grew up in the country on a farm near Richmond. However farm life was not in my blood. I have memories of my grandmother giving me a quarter to organize things at her house. She nurtured the passion that I had as a young child to make rooms organized and pretty. As I got older I chose to go to work for a design firm in Texas. After twelve years living in Texas I decided to move back home to be close to family.

What makes you the happiest? Coffee of course! Spending time with my daughter, painting, being a friend and helping make the world beautiful one room at a time.

What is one of the funniest or most interesting facts about you? I can sing Happy Birthday backwards. It’s true!

What are your interest outside of work? I enjoy long walks on the beach. All joking aside. I enjoy spending time outside, painting and sharing coffee with my twenty six year old daughter and more coffee.

Do you have a pet? If yes, what is his name and what type of pet? I had a golden retriever for almost 15 years. No pets at this time. However when I retire I would like to adopt two Weimaraner Puppies and name them Will and Grace.