Meet Our Team

Leann Bakht

Assistant Controller

Years of Experience at CC&F: Joined the team in 2000

Years of Experience in Flooring Industry: 17 years plus some .... born and raised in and around flooring.

Where did you grow up and why are you in Hampton Roads? Born 2 miles from the office and live 4 miles from the store. A hometown girl who likes to stay close to her roots.

What makes you the happiest? Sitting on the front porch with my husband and rocking in our chairs.

What is one of the funniest or most interesting facts about you? I slept on top of the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole for a night in the ski patrol cabin.

What are your interest outside of work? I love spending time at the beach and cutting the grass.

Do you have a pet? If yes, what is his name and what type of pet? Why yes I do! No pet of my own at this time, however, I have a treat can in my office for our furry friends who hang with us at work to help lower our blood pressure. Still miss my golden retriever, Bennett who we had for 11 years. Who knows what the future holds ....