Meet Our Team

Lisa Armstong

Job title is Administrative Assistant

Years of Experience at CC&F: 7 yrs

Years of Experience in Flooring Industry: I haven’t had any until I worked for Cherry Carpet. But I am learning as I am going!

Where did you grow up and why are you in Hampton Roads? I grew up in Bowie, Maryland with my 2 sisters. Bowie is a suburb right outside Washington DC. I moved here to Hampton Roads in 2009 with my son to start a new chapter in my life.

What makes you the happiest? What makes me the happiest is spending time with my family. Helping others in any way that I can.

What are your interest outside of work? I enjoy going to the movies and playing Bunco.

Do you have a pet? If yes, what is his name and what type of pet? Yes I have a cat, I recently rescued an Orange Tabby named Oshie, he is named after the Washington Capitals Hockey player TJ Oshie. He is quite the character!