Meet Our Team

Quintin Bailey

Warehouse Manager

My journey into the flooring industry started in October 2008 when I was hired at Cherry Carpet & Flooring as a warehouse worker. It has been a challenging yet joyous 9-year experience since working in this industry. Learning the flooring industry terms and products is gratifying especially once witnessing how our professional installers bring so much life and character into what was once an empty space. The flow of colors and textures in a room after being installed provides the most thrilling and happiest moments to our customers, which in turn makes me happy for being part of such quality service provided to our customers on a daily basis.

Cherry Carpet & Flooring is located in Portsmouth VA and what makes this industry that I thrive in even greater is working & residing in the same city that I grew up in. As others know, it’s always a plus to live within close proximity to your workplace. Living close allows me to get into my hobbies rather quickly after work, which is fishing, shooting pool, reading and spending time with family. I have no pets of my own but caring for & playing with 4 dogs, 2 feisty Chihuahuas & 2 friendly Pit Bulls, that belongs to relatives close by helps pass time also. One interesting fact about me is I’m part of the 10-20% population who can either wiggle their ears and/or raise one eyebrow.